Ep 63. Ellen Galinsky: Making Life Better for Parents and Children

Ep 63. Ellen Galinsky: Making Life Better for Parents and Children

"If we have jobs we love, our kids thrive-- even if we're tired."

Ellen Galinsky

Ellen Gallinsky is the Chief Science Officer at the Bezos Family Foundation where she also serves as executive director of a program called Mind in the Making. In addition, she’s Senior Research Advisor for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Ellen has decades of experience identifying important societal questions as they emerge, conducting research to seek answers, and turning the findings into action. For example, in Six Stages of Parenthood she chronicled her study of how parents grow and change as adults. She helped to establish the field of work-life in the 1980s and co-founded the  Families and Work Institute (FWI) in 1989, and has been its President since 1996. She wrote the best-selling book, Mind in the Making; her research on young people dropping out of the learning process. Mind in the Making is a national initiative to share research on the development of young children.

Stew and Ellen talk about the current state of working families in America, childcare, parental leave, and what children and working parents need from employers and society. Ellen offers tips for how to help children, which can be found at VROOM,  an app that has activities to do with kids during bedtime, bath time, and other times.  She also describes the tools and research available at WhenWorkWorks, a greater resource for working parents.

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