Ep 81. Keith Ferrazzi: Serve and Grow

Ep 81. Keith Ferrazzi: Serve and Grow

"It is so important when you're trying to build relationships with individuals to be of service to them."

Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi is a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and master networker. His research and consulting firm, Ferrazzi Greenlight, helps companies manage networks and relationships in order to reach strategic goals. He is the author of several books including Never Eat Alone which discusses the power of interpersonal relationships to stimulate personal growth and Who’s Got Your Back. Greenlight Giving, his foundation, does similar work through community service, building relationships by teaching those in need.

Keith and Stew talk about the importance of relationships in all parts of life. Keith describes how stronger relationships can help an individual grow at home and at work. He also describes how these relationships can help a company internally as well as ultimately increasing its economic value.  He details the ways in which service to those around you and to strangers in need can improve relationships in all parts of your life.

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