Ep 34. Mick Batyske: DJ to the Stars, Dad to Myles

Ep 34. Mick Batyske: DJ to the Stars, Dad to Myles

"My son is essential to my humanity."

Mick Batyske

Mick Batyske is a multi-talented creative professional from Brooklyn by way of Youngstown, Ohio. He is one of the most in-demand DJs in the world, style influencer, tech investor, music curator, and brand consultant. And he’s a new dad. His work takes Mick all over the world, collaborating with artists including Beyonce and Adele. As a digital and social entrepreneur, he invests in and consults with an array of startups. He is a co-owner of Dot Dot Dash, a new media studio inventing cutting edge interactive environments, and Anchor, a new kind of radio where anyone can join the conversation.

Stew and Mick talk about Mick’s first re-branding; transforming himself from a marching band nerd in high school to a turntable spinning DJ in college. After earning an MBA from John Carroll University, Mick moved to Brooklyn to start DJing full time. He has had enormous success, spinning at private parties for celebrities like Kayne West and Jay-Z.   

Central to his life and his success is Mick’s powerful commitment to his wife and young son. How does being a father affect this super-successful creative talent’s whirlwind experience in the world of popular culture? Listen and learn how Mick Batyske is leading the life he wants by weaving together the different roles he plays in his own distinctive way.  

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