Ep 87. Nancy Rothstein: Sleep Ambassador

Ep 87. Nancy Rothstein: Sleep Ambassador

"Without sleep you can't live."

Nancy Rothstein

Nancy Rothstein, a proud Penn alum,  is known as The Sleep Ambassador.  She is also Director of Corporate Sleep Programs at CIRCADIAN, a global company that provides 24/7 workforce performance and safety solutions for businesses that operate around the clock.  Nancy, who earned her MBA from from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, helps people make lasting shifts to optimize their sleep quality and quantity. As Director of CIRCADIAN® Corporate Sleep Programs, she consults to Fortune 500 corporations awakening leadership to the value of a good night’s sleep for their workforce and providing sleep education for employees at all levels. She also lectures on sleep to the medical and dental communities to encourage integrating relevant sleep information into their practice. Nancy is the author of My Daddy Snores.

Stew and Nancy talk about the well-documented sequelae of sleep deprivation, which is now rampant in our society -- individual problems such as depression, weight gain, and heart disease; the ripple effects on our family members;  and, for businesses, reduced productivity and workplace accidents -- to name a few. Nancy provides evidence-based tips for how to get better sleep in our lives and, in the second part of this episode, she talks to listeners of the radio show about their sleep.  And Stew gets some advice about his napping strategy. More resources from The Sleep Ambassador.

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