Ep 66. Jordan Bookey: Chief Mom at Zoobean

Ep 66. Jordan Bookey: Chief Mom at Zoobean

"This is who I am, and I'm bringing my full self to this job."

Jordan Lloyd Bookey

Jordan Lloyd Bookey is an alum of the Wharton MBA program, a former student of Stew’s, and Chief Mom and Co-Founder of Zoobean, a service that helps families discover children’s books and apps at home or their local library. Before she decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship, Jordan led teams at Google that focused on education and childhood development. As a speaker, educator, and mom, she is passionate about innovations in education, technology, and startups. She was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and won $250,000 from Mark Cuban, and she was named one of Wharton’s 40 Under 40.

Stew and Jordan talk about the challenges and insights she gleaned from starting a social enterprise with her husband, Felix Lloyd. Jordan describes how partners who work together must carve out special time to focus on themselves and their individual needs. Working with one’s wife, husband, or partner can be especially difficult because you share every aspect of life; family, work, and community. There are many ways to integrate this special combination of work and life by setting aside time for date nights, spending time with friends, and prioritizing your own health and wellness by means of exercise and self-care. Bonus for this episode: Read the transcript here.

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