Ep 110. Phil Mirvis: Enrich Employees' Lives via Social Innovation

Ep 110. Phil Mirvis: Enrich Employees’ Lives via Social Innovation

“Employees want more than money. They ask, ‘Can my work itself do good in some way?’”

Phil Mirvis

Phil Mirvis is Senior Research Fellow at both the Global Network on Corporate Citizenship and the Babson Social Innovation Lab. He is an organizational psychologist whose research and private practice concerns large-scale organizational change, the character of the workforce and workplace, and the role of business in society. Phil is a regular contributor to academic and professional journals, and he has authored or edited twelve books, including the acclaimed study of the national mood, The Cynical Americans, and a study of corporate human resource investments, Building the Competitive Workforce. His latest work, with Brad Googins, is The New Business of Business: Innovation for a Better World. He’s led public and corporate seminars all over the world, addressed leading university faculties and professional groups, and lectured in over 50 nations.

Stew and Phil talk about the increasing importance of social innovation in today’s workplace. Phil describes the four types of social innovation strategies that businesses adopt and the ways in which they energize employees while boosting business results. They discuss the changing demographics of the workplace, how Millennials in particular are keenly focused on doing good as an integral part of their work, and how engagement in social innovations enriches employees’ lives by enhancing their sense of purpose.

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