Ep 29. Bill Taylor: Simply Brilliant, Brilliantly Simple

Ep 29. Bill Taylor: Simply Brilliant, Brilliantly Simple

"The actual is limited, the possible is immense."

Quote above the Lincoln Electric factory gate

Bill Taylor is co-founder and founding editor of Fast Company, which has won just about every award there is to win in the magazine world since its creation in 1995. Bill has also written three important books on leadership and change. His new book is Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways. His previous book, Mavericks at Work, was a New York Times bestseller and was named a “Business Book of the Year” by The Economist and the Financial Times.

Stew and Bill dive into Bill’s book Simply Brilliant, which analyzes innovative companies in traditionally slow-moving industries like government or manufacturing. Two such companies discussed by Stew and Bill are Lincoln Electric and Pal’s Sudden Service. They talk about the smart management practices in both companies that foster such great innovation and performance. Trust in the employees is key.  Special bonus: As a fellow Springsteen fanatic with Stew, Bill gives his take on how The Boss personifies the essential traits of successful managers.

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