Ep 77. Dan Calista: Vynamic's Health Culture

Ep 77. Dan Calista: Vynamic's Health Culture

"We're growing for our people, not at the expense of our people."

Dan Calista

Dan Calista is founder and CEO of Vynamic, named #1 boutique consulting firm, as well as Best Small Firm and Best Places to Work. Vynamic is the Philadelphia area’s largest management consulting firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Dan has created a work culture that emphasizes the happiness and health of his team members as well as his clients. He walks the talk and the result is that all stakeholders win.  

Stew and Dan talk about the various ways Vynamic invests in the whole lives of people in the organization, including a policy that enables members to set real boundaries between work and the rest of life.  Vynamic has a “Z-Mail” policy; the Z stands for catching some Z’s, sleep.  Z-mail hours are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and it’s the norm not to send emails during those hours. At Vynamic, values drive decision-making and it’s been a good investment, one that’s paid off in their ability to perform well as a business. Dan’s puts his philosophy this way:  We’re “growing for our people and not at the expense of our people.”

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