Ep 102. Kathryn Sollmann: Ambition Redefined

Ep 102. Kathryn Sollmann: Ambition Redefined

“Women should always work.”

Kathryn Sollmann

Kathryn Sollmann is a flexwork and financial security expert and author of the book Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner Office Doesn't Work for Every Woman & What to Do Instead. A mother of two daughters, Kathryn has worked non-stop since age 16 in many flexible ways. In 2002, she co-founded the Women@Work Network, one of the first companies focused on helping women return to the workforce, and she has led many compelling events that show women alternatives to the full-time, traditional corporate grind. A frequent media resource, Kathryn’s views on women, work, and financial security have appeared in The Financial Times, the New York Times, Working Mother, and many others. Her award-winning blog, 9 Lives for Women, is read by women around the globe.

Kathryn and Stew talk about the reasons why it’s essential for women to stay in the workforce instead of off-ramping when family pressures encroach on work. Kathryn is a strong advocate of women ensuring their own financial security by staying in the workplace, even if in flexible ways or with reduced hours. They discuss the many ways in which flexible work arrangements are increasingly available in various professions, especially in today’s increasingly gig economy. Kathryn describes the reality that not all women want to be CEOs and that one does not need to off-ramp, but also, that one does not have to climb to the top.

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