Ep 48. Sanyin Siang: Find Your Superpower and Launch

Ep 48. Sanyin Siang: Find Your Superpower and Launch

"Launch in pursuit of becoming your best self. Then there's no risk."

Sanyin Siang

Sanyin Siang is an author, leadership advisor, and CEO coach. She co-founded and leads the Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. As a CEO coach, she applies an ecosystem approach to problem solving, innovation, and culture building. Sanyin helps clients launch their careers, their businesses, and their families to new heights using principles of behavior science. She is an original member of Marshall Goldsmith's 100 Coaches, as well as an advisor for Google Ventures, The Sports Innovation Lab, and DukeCE (the #1 Financial Times ranked custom education provider for 12 consecutive years).  Her The Launch Book draws on first-hand stories and behavioral science principles to help us all be braver about launching – because she believes that we’re all “launching” all the time.  

Stew and Sanyin talk about what happens when we’re trying something new—whether it’s an idea at work, a big move in our personal lives, or the start of a company.  We often encounter self-doubt and fear. Sanyin shares what she learned about how to overcome these obstacles both at work and at home by, for example, using “Inspiration Boards” and “Impact Boards,” tools she learned about from the San Francisco Giants.  She speaks about the importance of building your tribe and the value of including naysayers in it; those haters, after all, can help you see your blind spots. And she talks about finding your superpower, something you’re so good at that you assume everyone’s good at it.  What’s yours?  What is that thing you’re not only good at, that’s not only a strength, but that really energizes you? If you don’t know, then your tribe can help you find it.  

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