Ep 94. Sally Thornton: The Future of Work is Fluid

Ep 94. Sally Thornton: The Future of Work is Fluid

“Explicit learning is a critical part of the future of work.”

Sally Thornton

Sally Thornton is founder and CEO of Forshay, a company that focuses on how people can do their best work through executive recruiting, project-based work, and improving the system of work through increased diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Sally launched WorkLab in 2015, a design thinking community of action committed to making work better, based on her work with Stanford's "Redesigning and Redefining Work" project. She lectures regularly at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business as well as UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. She also serves on the Advisory Council of Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

Sally and Stew discuss the future of work, which will be more fluid, less focused on a job and more on both the work itself and on results. They discuss the importance of social support at work for enabling people to thrive in all parts of their lives. Sally offers valuable tips on how to harness technology so that it is not a distracting and intrusive force in our lives but, rather, so that it helps to limit and focus our time on the people and projects that matter.

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