Ep 51. Vik Bakhru: Own Your Health

Ep 51. Vik Bakhru: Own Your Health

"Lead yourself into better health through a routine of weekly attention."

Vikram Bakhru, M.D. 

Vikram Bakhru, M.D. is Chief Operating Officer at ConsejoSano, a multicultural technology platform dedicated to improving health outcomes in underserved populations by improving their access and their engagement. This is Vik’s latest venture in the healthcare technology space. He’s a physician and serial entrepreneur with an MBA from Wharton (Class of 2009) in healthcare management. He serves on the Board of Directors for several organizations including the Nanubhai Education Foundation, Aspire Global Health and the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. Vik has been awarded the American Medical Association Foundation Excellence in Leadership Award, The George Washington University Award, a Kaiser Family Foundation Grant, the Becker’s Hospital Review: Rising Stars in Healthcare Award, and was named to the Wharton Forty Under Forty for 2017.  

Stew and Vik talk about changing the frame in healthcare from physician-centered (with office visits, for instance, driven by doctors’ schedules) to patient-centered (with healthcare consultations controlled instead by patients’ schedule). They talk about the change from a reactive approach, when a medical problem is already far down the road, to a proactive one, which prevents illnesses before they get a toehold. They discuss the trend to make healthcare more accessible via telemedicine, digital records, home visits, transportation, and other innovations . Vik shares his passion for serving the underserved and for improving the health care system for all of us in the U. S. And he provides some practical advice by, for example, describing how a weekly routine of attention to our evolving health needs improves health.

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