Ep 56. Brett Hurt: Linking the World's Data for Good

Ep 56. Brett Hurt: Linking the World's Data for Good 

"We're democratizing access to and use of data so non-technical people can use data to solve the world's biggest problems."

Brett Hurt

Brett Hurt graduated from the Wharton School in 1999 with an MBA in High-Tech Entrepreneurship. He is CEO and co-founder of data.world, his sixth startup, a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corporation® focused on building the most meaningful, abundant, and collaborative data resource in the world. In 2017, data.world was honored on the “Best for the World” list by B Lab. Brett also founded and led Bazaarvoice and Coremetrics, which was acquired by IBM in 2010. He also served on the Board of Conscious Capitalism and in 2017 was given the Best CEO Legacy Award by the Austin Business Journal.  

Stew and Brett talk about conscious capitalism, how to stay true to your values, and what it takes to build a  humane, compassionate workplace. Brett also discusses one of his “four-way-wins” -- helping his 13-year-old daughter promote her first book, Guardians of the Forest, proceeds from which support the Andy Roddick Foundation. For great information about and practical wisdom Brett, check out his blog at lucky7.io. And, from the vault, here is the transcript of a previous conversation Stew had with Brett when he was the first guest on Work and Life.  


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