Ep 93. Johann Berlin: Do Less To Do More

Ep 93. Johann Berlin: Do Less To Do More

“I can have peace and have ambition in my life.”

Johann Berlin

Johann Berlin, CEO of TLEX Institute (which stands for Transformational Leadership for Excellence) specializes in working with CEOs, companies and corporate teams to improve their connections to each other through techniques that promote mental clarity — some that you’ll recognize if you practice yoga. He says better mental clarity — it’s often called mindfulness — is needed to process the constant flow of information we receive, to navigate challenges, and to handle stress. Johann focuses on adaptive leadership and stress management. He works with organizations to transform their cultures, starting with the individual.

Stew and Johann talk about proven methods for managing the stress of our 24/7 technologically-connected world and how his organization brings these ideas and tools to companies around the world. Johann talks about how he learned these methods in his childhood and he describes research on the many psychological and physiological benefits of conscious breathing, mindfulness, connecting with nature, and meaningful open relations with other people.

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