Ep 64. Jessica Bennett: Feminist Fight Club

Ep 64. Jessica Bennett: Feminist Fight Club

"You can have a dick without being one."

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is gender editor at The New York Times, where she works to expand global coverage of women and gender across platforms. She is author of Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace which was inspired by sexism she experienced as a junior writer early in her career. She had to learn how to work with men who were often given an unfair advantage, like getting credit for her ideas.

Stew and Jessica discuss how Jessica formed the original feminist fight club, which was kept a secret at the start. The support and strength she found in this group led her to write her engaging and very practical book.  Jessica uses humor, especially word play, to indicate to men when they have acted inappropriately. For example, “manteruption” occurs when a man speaks over a woman and “bropropriated” is when a man takes credit for a woman’s idea.  The intent is to create real conversation infused with humanity about the many subtle, sexist actions that impede social progress toward an egalitarian world.

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