Ep 62. Jenna Fisher: The Life of a Leader in Executive Search

Ep 62. Jenna Fisher: The Life of a Leader in Executive Search

"As an executive search consultant I'm like a priest or a rabbi to the professional world."

Jenna Fisher

Jenna Fisher is Global Corporate Officers Sector Leader for the executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates and she was a student in my Total Leadership class about 15 years ago.  Jenna specializes in leading senior financial officer assignments, serving clients across various sectors, including the technology, consumer, healthcare and retail industries. Her clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, middle-market private equity portfolio companies, as well as highly visible, pre-public venture capital-backed enterprises. The majority of her work over the past ten years has been recruiting CFOs, although she has conducted numerous assignments for treasurers, controllers, internal audit executives and division chief financial officers. Jenna is also involved at the board level, recruiting financial experts to serve on Audit Committees. She is based in San Francisco.

Stew and Jenna talk about what an executive search consultant does and about how to conduct a successful job search by leveraging your network, knowing what you are truly looking for in your career, finding your distinctive gift and being excellent at it, and bringing your family into your career decision-making.

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