Ep 9. Tom Tierney: Co-Founder of the Bridgespan Group

Ep 9. Tom Tierney: Co-Founder of the Bridgespan Group

"We have more to learn from each other than we think."

-- Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney is former CEO of Bain & Company and co-founder of The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit management consulting firm that assists other nonprofits. He is chairman of the board at Ebay and serves on the The Hoover Institution’s board and on the Harvard Business School Board of Dean’s Advisors. On top of all that, Tom is a successful writer, including his most recent book, Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results.

In this episode, Stew and Tom (whom Stew calls “the Bono of leadership”) explore the habits Tom has developed to be successful in all domains of life: family, work, community, and self. Learn from a master how to separate what is important in life from what is urgent and steps you can take to prioritize the big picture. By making smarter choices, asking deeper questions, and courageously pursuing unique personal goals, Tierney shows how to lead the life you want.

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Show Notes (times when new topics start)

2:50. Build a life not a resume. What matters most is whether you have achieved what is most important to you, not what is on your resume. Tom often asks himself, "Is what I am doing helping me achieve my personal goals?"

12:50. West Point professor. Tom is a leadership professor at West Point, teaching cadets and junior faculty how to succeed in all parts of life, confront superior officers, and more.

18:00. Tom’s common mistakes. Tom must continually reflect and generate feedback from others to avoid mistakes that he commonly makes.

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